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Once you register with Webradesk you will own a Mailbox for handling tickets. This Mailbox can receive tickets from multiple Ticket Sources like email addresses, Facebook and Twitter.
To start receiving tickets in your Webradesk Mailbox you must:
  • Add a Ticket Source to your Mailbox
  • Forward your emails to Webradesk
Please follow our step by step guide for forwarding tickets to your Webradesk Mailbox.

1. Add a Ticket Source

By adding a ticket source you will create an email address for your Mailbox. This Mailbox email address will be capable of receiving and sending your email tickets.
To Add a Ticket Source:
1. access Settings
2. click on Mailboxes
3. click on Add Ticket Source
Add Ticket Source


Configure Ticket Source Fields

1. Mailbox: Choose which mailbox will receive tickets.
2. Email address: Enter the email address which will be forwarded.
3. The email address which will receive your forwarded emails.
Hint! Write it down in order to remember it later when you configure the forwarding.
4. Save your ticket source configuration.
Configure Ticket Source

2. Forward your Emails to the Webradesk Mailbox

You must forward your emails to Webradesk in order to be able to manage your customer tickets with our program.
Emails must be forwarded to the email address generated by Webradesk during the add-ticket-source phase.
Note: You can find this email address in your Webradesk account under:
Settings -> Mailboxes -> by clicking Edit next to your defined ticket source, find the generated email address.

Follow the forwarding guide for your email provider:
How to Forward your Gmail Account to Webradesk
How to Forward your Yahoo Mail to Webradesk
How to Forward your Outlook Emails to Webradesk

If you use other email providers please check their knowledgebase or ask them to provide a guide on how to forward your emails.
Contact us if you need any assistance:

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