Add a New Ticket Source

Adding more Ticket Sources to your mailbox is necessary when your customers have multiple ways of contacting you. These contact channels are your public email addresses and your social network pages where customers drop questions and post messages.
Add Ticket Sources to bring all customer messages in one place for your brand.

You can receive all messages in one place from multiple sources. Here’s how it works:

MyBrand’s Mailbox

Receives messages from:

To Add a New Ticket Source

1. Access Settings
2. Click on Mailboxes
3. Click on Add Ticket Source
Add a Ticket Source to Your Mailbox

1. Select your Ticket Source
2. Type your email address
3. Configure forwarding from your email address to Webradesk
Hint: Follow forwarding guides for popular email providers.
4. Click on Save Ticket Source
Add Ticket Source Information

Hint: You can filter messages coming from different Ticket Sources. See How to Filter Messages and get more productive.

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