Add a New Mailbox

Having a second or third Mailbox is useful if you wish to handle some customer requests separately. Usually we recommend adding a new Mailbox if you need to offer support for a new project.
Use Mailboxes as a way of handling different projects or brands.

Please note that each Mailbox can receive tickets from multiple Ticket Sources, here’s how it works:

Mailbox 1

Mailbox 2

Receives messages from:

Receives messages from:
Plan B Facebook page

To Add a New Mailbox

1. Access Settings
2. Click on Mailboxes
3. Click on Add New Mailbox
Access Settings/Mailboxes to Add a New Mailbox

4. Enter a meaningful Mailbox Name
5. Select which agents have access.
6. Click on Add Mailbox
Add a New Mailbox

Next Step: Now you need to direct customer messages to your Mailbox. See How to Add a Ticket Source in order to start handling support.

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